Yesterday we saw Oppo reveal its Find 7 to the world. The company’s latest flagship packs top-tier specs like a quad HD 5.5-inch screen, Snapdragon 801 SoC, and 3GB of RAM – any of of those enough to make plenty of other smartphones jealous. But maybe its most intriguing spec is one we came away from the launch feeling a little uncertain about: that 50-megapixel camera mode. Today we start getting a sense for whether or not it’s all Oppo made it out to be, with some sample pics surfacing.

As you might remember, the Find 7 doesn’t actually have a 50MP camera. Instead, its main camera employs a 13MP sensor, but the phone offers a mode whereby it takes a series of images right after each other (sort of like HDR) and combines four of them to make one big 50MP image of the same scene.

The images above represent 100% crops on the 13MP natural image (top), and the 50MP generated image (bottom). Unsurprisingly, the 50MP pics have a pronounced grain to them, almost as if we’re zooming-in on a physical print. While they lack the sharpness of the lower-res originals, it looks like there’s still some value to what Oppo is doing here.

Below, we took another pair of sample images, only this time we blew the 13MP copy up in software to match the resolution of the 50MP shot. That’s the 50MP version from the Find 7 on the left, and our upscaled 13MP pic on the right. It’s not night-and-day, but Oppo’s trick of combining four 13MP pics into one 50MP image definitely shows improvements over scaling up a single 13MP shot.

Left: Find 7 50MP, Right: Find 7 13MP software scaled (bicubic) to 50MP
Left: Find 7 50MP, Right: Find 7 13MP software scaled (bicubic) to 50MP

Update: Here’s another, even better comparison:

oppo-find7-compare-3Source: ePrice forums
Via: GSM Arena

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