OPPO F5 may get turned into OnePlus 5T or even OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 5 wasn’t exactly an inspirational piece of hardware in terms of design — it shared a lot of blueprint ink with the OPPO R11. The two companies have a common majority stakeholder along with vivo and there’s been much evidence to say that a lot gets shared in this complex.

It’s not a surprise, then, to see a new leak for what OnePlus might have planned next month: the OnePlus 5T. It sounds like this would follow the OnePlus 5 like how last year’s release structure paired a main flagship OnePlus 3 with a slightly upgraded OnePlus 3T.

It is said that OnePlus 5T (or, potentially, the OnePlus 6) will remarkably resemble the OPPO F5, though sourcing has been sketchy on this issue. The screen should have a 2:1 aspect ratio with a 1080p resolution across 6 inches. No other details have been firmed and we feel that there’s no conclusive visual evidence that has come out.

OnePlus China has ended sales of the OnePlus 5 and is redirecting buyers to JD.com. This could be a signal that a new phone will be coming soon.

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