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OPPO F11 Pro pop-up camera confirmed by manufacturer

By Anton D. Nagy February 16, 2019, 1:00 pm
OPPO F11 Pro pop-up camera

The OPPO F11 Pro popped up on the radar thanks to the company itself teasing it on social media. Not long after the initial official word was tweeted, we already started seeing real-life pictures of the phone, to accompany the rumors and leaks that started popping up. That’s twice in a row that we used the words “pop up”, and yes, pun was intended, as the OPPO F11 Pro will have a pop-up camera.

Not that we didn’t know it, but this time around, the information comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Until manufacturers can truly hide the selfie camera behind the screen, without employing cutouts, notches, or punch holes, there’s really no other way in pursuing an all-screen smartphone, but to have components pop up.

Of course, we know this: more moving components equals more chances of hardware failure. At least on paper. Rumor has it that the OPPO F11 Pro pop-up camera will, this time around, be centered, and not offset. The video posted by OPPO doesn’t reveal its position, but is pretty self-explanatory about it popping-up. They’re calling it “rising camera”.

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