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OPPO has announced that it successfully conducted voice and video calls based on the next-generation 5G network. The company partnered with MediaTek and Ericsson to conduct VoNR (Voice/Video on New Radio) calls.

For reference, VoNR is a basic call service that completely relies on the 5G network (SA architecture).

The calls were made from a modified commercial smartphone from OPPO. It featured MediaTek”s Dimensity 1000 series SoC and used an end-to-end 5G Standalone (SA) network powered by Ericsson Radio System products and solutions.

The test was carried out under the 5G SA network environment, which was provided by Ericsson at its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We aim to become the industry’s ideal partner to deploy 5G around the world and at the same time improve 5G experience for the users,” Andy Wu, Vice President and President of Software Engineering Business Unit, OPPO said in a statement.

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