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OPPO ColorOS 11 announced: Brings more customizations and features

By Prakhar Khanna September 14, 2020, 6:00 am
ColorOS 11 (

OPPO has announced its ColorOS 11 based on Google’s latest Android 11. The updated OS comes with more UI customization options ranging from Wallpapers to Dark Mode, which offers a complete personalized experience in the system UI and UX. You can freely customize your Home screen layout, widgets, transitions, wallpapers, and icon styles. Just pinch the Home screen with 2 fingers to bring up the personalization settings. There are personalized color schemes that let you choose your favorite color from 10 colors in 5 schemes. Your selected theme color can be applied to controls and icons to ensure a
consistent visual experience.


Further, the Always-On Display is more customizable now. A simple, black panel is provided as your canvas. Tapping or dragging your finger on this panel will generate your own style AOD patterns. The dark mode has evolved too. It offers three color schemes with different level of contrast. OPPO Relax now comes with Sounx Mix to let you choose from a selection of sounds (including natural, urban, ASMR, and everyday sounds).

ColorOS 11 comes with new features as well. It is incorporated with Three Finger Translate powered by Google Lens. It allows you to translate text in apps, webpages, and
images into the preferred language. Further, there’s Device Control in Power Menu that was rolled out in the vanilla Android 11. ColorOS 11 also brings Super Power Saving Mode that is said to run WhatsApp for up to 90 minutes on a phone with 5% battery. Further, OPPO is introducing Flex Drop, which lets you keep a small window or mini window to help you see what’s going on in different apps at once.

OPPO ColorOS 11 introduces Gamer mode, which blocks calls, social media notifications, and limit gestures or operations that could disrupt your game. It also brings Batttery Guard that learns users charging habits and stops charging to 80% at night and re-charge to 100% by the time users get up. When phone battery drops to 15%, the new OS provides options to send messages that display users’ current locations to selected contacts, allowing users to share their status with families and friends when their phone is about to run out of battery. This feature is only available only in India.

ColorOS 11 also includes Bubbles and Nearby Share. Plus, there’s focus on privacy with App Lock Shortcut and Private system. It introduces UI First 2.0, that boosts RAM utilization by 45%, respond rate is improved by 32%, and the frame rate stability by 17%. There are a host of new camera features with Ultra Steady Video Shooting, and usage of wide-angle lens with third-party apps.


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