Innovative OPPO 5x dual camera zoom smartphone tech gets early MWC 2017 preview

While it may feel a little underwhelming to see a big-name MWC 2017 participant unveil a “groundbreaking” technology clearly not ready for primetime yet instead of an actual commercial product, this isn’t out of character as far as OPPO is concerned.

The new leader in domestic smartphone sales, as well as one of China’s top industry innovators, the company took some of its disrupting ambitions global at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year with Super VOOC Flash Charge and SmartSensor Image Stabilization announcements.

Today, as promised, we’re treated to a 5x Zoom breakthrough. Specifically, an exclusive first glimpse of the world’s “first periscope-style” dual-camera solution. No words on when you might get this on a future… F-series device, or perhaps a Find 9 or even 10, but it sounds like it’s worth the wait, considerably raising the bar compared to modest and often bulky 2x zoom functions available in the market right now.

Developed behind the scenes for almost a year already, OPPO’s 5x Dual Camera Zoom implementation is definitely hard to wrap our heads around, but what it aims to do is pretty straightforward. Reduce module thickness to only 5.7mm, enabling a smooth, non-protruding design, all while offering cutting-edge 5x lossless zoom smartphone capabilities.

Wide-angle and telephoto lens execution have been completely overhauled, with the latter’s housing using an innovative periscope-style structure, deep zoom achieved by shifting its angle by 90 degrees, and “state-of-the-art” optical image stabilization ensuring snapshots are clear and crisp even at “full 5x zoom.”

Again, we’re talking complex engineering work here, covered by more than 50 patents for copyright infringement, but what we need to keep in mind is that true, professional and slim optical zoom smartphone cameras are one step closer to reality.

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