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OpnMarket: Easily Browse and Download Freeware for Windows Mobile

By Brandon Miniman January 18, 2010, 2:06 am

There is a tremendous amount of freeware available for Windows Mobile devices, most of which can be accessed from a site like FreewarePocketPC.net. Trouble is, installing the freeware is a multi-step process. In this video, we show you OpnMarket, a new freeware delivery system for Windows Mobile that has a fantastic interface and quick operation. It supports all Windows Mobile touchscreen devices, and currently allows you to browse and download 500 pieces of freeware. The developers (from FreewarePocketPC) claim that in short time, the library of apps will be greatly expanded. You can get it for free by going to the OpnMarket website.

Note: OpnMarket will be available for download on 18 January.

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