Opera Mobile 9.7 for Windows Mobile Beats out iPhone 3GS Safari Browser in Speed!

Opera Mobile 9.7 with Turbo is super fast. How fast, you ask? Well, according to @palmsolo (Matthew Miller) on Twitter, it even beats out the iPhone 3GS Mobile Safari in speed tests:

Wow, Opera Mobile 9.7 beta with Turbo even beats out the super iPhone 3GS in WiFi browser speeds

Early comparisons of the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre put the Pre and the iPhone 3G browsers at the same speed, with the new iPhone 3GS and Open GL rendering even faster, though neither the Pre nor the 3G were slouches.

The latest ZDNet speed tests utilizing browsers from Android’s T-Mobile G1, a number of Symbian S60 devices from Nokia, the iPhone 3G, the new 3GS, and the Pharos Traveler 137 with Opera Mobile 9.7 with Turbo shows that the Windows Mobile Pharos edges out the iPhone 3GS in browser rendering, beating the Apple smartphone on a majority of the tests. The tests measured rendering on a variety of different sites.

(via: ZDNet)

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