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Ookla’s Speedtest app and the website are my go-to destinations for quickly testing the speed of the network that my phone or PC is hooked to. I’ll admit, it is seldom for work, and more often for video streaming and playing online multiplayer games. Well, the app is now getting even better, thanks to a new video test that will analyze and tell if your Wi-Fi or cellular network is good for watching videos online, be it YouTube or platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video.

Speedtest app video streaming test

The new video test tool in Speedtest app is exclusive to iOS for now

Once you run the Speedtest video tool, the app will tell the peak resolution at which you can get a stable bandwidth for a buffering-free video watching experience. Plus, it will also tell you the kind of screens on which you can get those peak resolutions, be it phones, tablets, your pricey OLED TV, or laptops – with a separate identifier for each class. This will help users decide the device on which they will get the best experience.

Notably, the new video test in the Speedtest app runs an actual video to measure the network suitability for watching online video content, rather than just simulating video traffic on a network. The video test icon appears in the center of the bottom row on the app’s homepage.

Speedtest app history
Streamed video content is typically delivered via adaptive bitrate technology, which adjusts the quality of the video stream based on network conditions. A video test measures this adaptive bitrate to tell you the maximum resolution, load time and buffer you should be able to expect given current network conditions.”

The new test will tell what kind of screen is best for streaming videos

However, the new video test option in Ookla’s Speedtest app is only limited to the iOS version at the moment. But the company has assured it will soon be available on other platforms (Read: Android and Web) as well.

Speedtest app UI revamp

Aside from a new video test, the company is also changing a few things around in the Speedtest app’s UI. Network and device information, server selection, and Speedtest settings preferences have been moved at the bottom in the sliding drawer. Additionally, results history, app settings, privacy policy and terms of use, and support resources can be accessed from the hamburger menu.

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