There can be only one….One

Something has been bothering me in the smartphone world lately. It’s something that started off slowly and enjoyed a little ribbing. Then it got silly. Now it’s just plain old dumb.

There are too many “One” smartphones today. Already we see the HTC One, the OnePlus One, and the rumored Moto X plus One. So let’s run through those ones again shall we? Moto X Plus One, One, and OnePlus One.

Did I miss anyone? Or should I say, “Did I miss any One?” Confused yet? You should be. I think those three companies should get together and run a promotion –

“Say all of these names 5 times fast and win all three!”

But they won’t. Not just because they don’t want to pimp each other’s rides, but also by doing so they’re admitting their own ridiculousness. Like the headline says, there can be only one. So pick one and the other two can pick new names.

This is right up there with “The New iPad”. I was very vocal about hating that name. I don’t have a problem with sequential numbers, even though as Blackberry proved (and the Lumia may someday prove) you do run out eventually. But not everyone can start with One.

“Hey is that the One?” “Yeah” “The new One?” “No, the older One” “Which one?” “The One.” “Oh right, where can I get one?” “A new one of the old One?” “Yeah.”

Stop it!

Seriously OEM’s. You’ve got marketing departments. Use them!

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