The Ocean Note’s market name? Perhaps the HTC U Ultra

The “Ocean” is real. One version of it may get revealed to be a consumer product come just ten days from today. And best of all, we think we may have a name for it. We hope.

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is supposedly capitalizing on a huge gap space between the fall and spring smartphone flagship releases with the launch of a phone based off of a snazzy and touchy concept. Rumors tack a great screen and camera onto it, but what they haven’t been able to claim is a real market name, other than “Ocean,” or, in this case, “Ocean Note.”

Well, Steve Hemmerstoffer, who runs @OnLeaks on Twitter, may have an answer, even if it’s on a bit of shaky ground:

Well, if that’s the case, then we have it all tied up, right? HTC’s promoting its event as “For U,” and we have a whole new “U” series of phones on our way and everything’s all hunky dory from here on out. But we’re going to have wait to see where the codenamed “Ocean Note” will go in terms of branding and what this could mean for the other two rumored devices set for Q1 anyways — it’s much more fun watching this unfold than just outright emblazoning it as the U Ultra.

…okay, we’ll do it anyways for search engine optimization purposes.

We’re also wondering if we’ll get a 6-inch display with limited bezels to boot? After all, with the Sense Touch concept that was demonstrated in a leaked video, users could theoretically make the most out of their edge-to-edge screen while not fearing accidental touches with capacitive touchpads on the sides of the phone, if cleverly implemented.

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