Onkyo DP-X1 Android music player has dual DACs, balanced output, and supports 432GB storage

Is there still room in your life for a stand-alone music player? A decade back, maybe you carried both your phone and an MP3 player, but pretty much everyone’s transitioned in the time since to getting all their music right on their phone. That said, there are still a few outliers, from Apple keeping the iPod touch alive, to music-focused handsets from manufacturers like Sony. Today we’re learning about one of the latest along those lines, as we check out the DP-X1 from Onkyo.

The DP-X1 is an Android Lollipop device, and while it may look at first like a chunky smartphone, this hardware is all about delivering a premium audio experience.

That includes the use of dual ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DACs – one for each stereo channel – toed to a pair of ESS Sabre 9601K amps. And since there’s no use producing high-quality audio if it’s only going to get downgraded as it leaves the player, in addition to a standard 3.5mm stereo port, the DP-X1 also features a balanced 2.5mm jack for hardware supporting such input. If you’d rather keep things digital, the DP-X1 supports USB output, too.

A good music library takes up a lot of space, and that’s doubly true when you’re supporting large-file formats like FLAC. To that end, the DP-X1 augments its 32GB of internal storage with dual microSD slots (like the troubled Saygus V2) – fill each of those with your largest-currently-available 200GB options, and you’re looking at 432GB total capacity.

Physical quick-access music controls help round out the package, letting listeners make adjustments without the need to always fire up an app.

Like other premium music players, the Onkyo DP-X1 unsurprisingly pricy, fetching around $760. Compared to its even higher-priced competition, Onkyo considers this an “affordable” model. That’s going to put it out of reach for casual listeners, but the high-end hardware might just tempt dedicated audiophiles.

Source: Onkyo
Via: Android Central

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