OnePlus introduced its new OnePlus X mid-ranger in the early morning hours, and as as the day’s been unfolding, we’ve picked up more and more info about how the smartphone will be sold. The initial news didn’t sound super-promising, as OnePlus confirmed that just like the OnePlus Two and OnePlus One before it, the OnePlus X would be sold through an invite system – shoppers looking to purchase the phone would need to come across an invite code, either handed out by OnePlus itself or shared from another OnePlus customer. Then we heard about the manufacturer’s plans to sell the phone through a series of pop-up stores all around the world over the course of next month, giving shoppers in certain major cities the chance to purchase the phone without an invite. That sounded better, sure, but it also leaves out a lot of potential customers. Now we’ve got another update about OnePlus X sales and the whole invite situation, and it sounds all sorts of promising.

OnePlus confirms that for the next month, with the exception of those pop-up stores, OnePlus X sales are going to be invite-only. The good news is what happens next, as OnePlus informs us that from December going forward, it intends to have lots of no-invite-needed OnePlus X sales.

We’re used to seeing such offers with the OnePlus One, and even the OnePlus Two has started playing the same game. But while those were generally super-limited deals that came around with no regular schedule, these OnePlus X no-invite sales are going to be much more frequent: OnePlus says that there will be a period of wide open sales every single week.

Sure, we don’t know if that means no-invite sales lasting for an hour, for a day, or just until a certain number of handsets are claimed, but the regularity at which these sales will return could be a blessing – miss one, and you’ve only got a week to wait for your next chance.

OnePlus also says that it intends to pick up the pace at which it distributes OnePlus X updates throughout November, hopefully giving shoppers lots of opportunities to buy even before these no-invite-required periods open.


Source: OnePlus
Image: Myriam Joire

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