Thanks to a parade of detailed hardware leaks, as well as information arriving via hardware certification documents and premature retail listings, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the OnePlus X (aka OnePlus Mini). And with the manufacturer teasing an October 29 event with a very prominent X in its imagery, it’s looking pretty good that we’ll see this smartphone make its formal debut in just another two weeks. But for as much of this handset that’s managed to already reveal itself, some key launch details have remained elusive, especially when it comes to pricing. With hardware that sounds very mid-range, we’d sure expect a price that comes in south of the $330 16GB/3GB OnePlus 2 (to say nothing of the $390 64GB/4GB edition), but just how low could things actually get? A new rumor attempts to offer some insight into just that.

The OnePlus 2 launched in China starting at 2000 CNY – being the equivalent of just about $315, that’s very much in line with the $320 US price. Now a source suggests that the OnePlus X will sell in China for just under 1400 CNY.

That corresponds to $220, and while the intricacies of international markets might mean we don’t see that precise price tag over here, something in the $220-$240 range sounds very plausible.

A price like that would make the OnePlus X a bit more expensive than competition like the new Moto G, but at the same time the OnePlus X would get a higher-res screen and possibly more RAM (no 1GB version here); other details like camera resolution and battery capacity are much more on-par. The big question may be if OnePlus can convince shoppers that what differences do exist are worth paying a little extra for, and that its software support will compare favorably with that of larger brands.

Source: Phone Radar
Via: GSM Arena

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