OnePlus brought us its sophomore effort earlier this year, delivering the 5.5-inch OnePlus 2 with prices starting as low as $330. While the company’s ordering process and customized OS may not be for everyone, it was hard to deny that the phone represented a solid amount of hardware for the money, packed with specs like a Snapdragon 810 SoC and 4GB of RAM. But rumors were already whispering about an even more affordable alternative, and in the months since we’ve heard a lot about possible plans for a so-called OnePlus Mini, more recently tipped to launch as the OnePlus X. Leaks have already revealed a lot about what to expect, but today we finally get the official story on this handset, as OnePlus launches the OnePlus X.

The OnePlus X is a 5.0-inch smartphone with an OLED display (a OnePlus first), running a Snapdragon 801 and equipped with 3GB of RAM. Its main camera is a 13MP ISOCELL component, while the front-facer gets a high-res 8MP sensor. OnePlus gives the phone one of those card slots that allows for your choice of either dual SIMs or a single SIM and a microSD card for expansion – helping to augment the phone’s 16GB of internal storage. The OnePlus X gets its juice from a 2525mAh battery.

Those may not make for the most modern-looking specs, but the hardware almost sounds like an upgraded Nexus 5 – with a price to match. We’ll get to that in a second.


As for the build, OnePlus is making the X available in a pair of materials. The main option is the OnePlus X Onyx – this is the glass-backed version we saw last week. The rear glass panel is surrounded by a metal edge, for what OnePlus hopes is a very premium feel. Integrated into that frame is a three-way alert slider, just like on the OnePlus 2.

oneplus-x-familyThe second OnePlus X is a bit more premium still, with a ceramic backplate. This one’s going to be a very limited edition, though, with just 10,000 units produced.

Sales of the OnePlus X will kick off in Europe, with the Onyx version arriving on November 5, priced at just about 270 EUR. And yes, once again OnePlus is going the invite-only route.

US sales will follow on November 19, only with an even more attractive price of just $250. Exchange rates being what they are, that represents a $50 savings over European sales.

Finally, sales of ceramic OnePlus X begin on November 24, going for just under 370 EUR. There’s no word of US availability for this variant, with sales only confirmed for Europe and India. You’ll also need a special ceramic-specific invite code to pick one up.


Source: OnePlus
Photos: Myriam Joire

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