Despite the tagline’s decreasing visibility, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus still takes the ethos of “Never Settle” quite seriously. And it’s holding to it when it comes to implementing one of the most demanded features from users of its phones.

In an interview with a OnePlus forums fan, outspoken CEO Pete Lau continues to lament the lack of efficient fast wireless charging solutions “without compromises.”

We have tested and will continue to test wireless charging technology going forward, but for now, we have not yet found a solution that meets our expectations for speed and convenience. This technology also still results in a thickening of the device and a heating of the device in the charging process.

“Never Settle” meets “The Speed You Need.”

Lau has vaunted the company’s Dash Charge wired method which can pump 20 watts into a OnePlus phone while keeping most of the bulk and heat sink to the adapter, keeping the phone thin and the battery within healthy. It’s been reported by MobielKopen that the Dash Charge name may be exchanged for the term “Warp Charge” due to trademark conflicts.

Currently, the commonly-used Qi wireless charging standard can achieve up to 7.5 watts and is used on the latest iPhones and several glass-backed Android phones.

Another interesting tidbit from this first part of the Lau interview, which can be accessed below this article, is that he didn’t expect the mid-range OnePlus X to not sell as well as the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus One did — he believes that fans felt the device was out of place from “a flagship only company and culture.” The company went as far as to explicitly stifle rumors of a sequel earlier this year.

Both the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus X featured glass industrial design, which could allow for wireless charging. Critics have complained about the omission of charging coils with the inclusion of a less durable material.

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