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OnePlus entered the US market back in 2018 with the OnePlus 6T, and ever since then, the company has seen massive success in the United States. So much success, in fact, that it has become the fastest-growing OEM in the first half of 2021, according to new research.

CounterPoint Research has shared the first half of 2021 growth data today, indicating that OnePlus was the fastest growing OEM in that period with 428% YoY growth in the United States. The report also mentions that the company was very successful because of the partnerships made with Metro by T-Mobile and T-Mobile. In a market where most consumers upgrade by carriers, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, although it’s still very impressive.

US H1 CounterPoint Research OnePlus 428% YoY Smartphone Growth by OEM
CounterPoint Research

The report mentions that in April, OnePlus had a Year-over-Year of 1,168%, in May 4,201%, and in June 645%. The company has also sold more than 1 million Nord N-Series devices in January. The top three states by sales volume are Texas, New York, and Nevada.

According to the report, the OnePlus N100 and N10 5G devices proved to be very successful, both of which were made available earlier in January. LG’s exit from the market has also helped it grow the company and continue increasing sales.

“OnePlus became the fastest growing OEM in H1 2021, as the company grew 428% YoY. With the introduction of the N100 and N10 5G in January, OnePlus quickly gained market share in Metro by T-Mobile and continues to push its premium device presence at T-Mobile with the latest OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. OnePlus further expanded its presence in Q2 due to LG’s exit from the smartphone market while the N100 has been one of the top selling smartphones within Metro for months.”

What are your thoughts about OnePlus becoming one of the fastest-growing smartphone OEMs in the United States? Are you surprised? Let us know in the comments!

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