OnePlus brought us its One smartphone earlier this year, and the incredibly affordable, yet still quite powerful hardware has managed to win itself a good number of fans – at least so many that the manufacturer continues to struggle to keep up with demand (though the situation’s definitely getting better). But for a couple months now, our thoughts have been drifting away from the OnePlus One and towards the idea of its sequel – OnePlus learning from its first effort and hopefully delivering an even more impressive follow-up. So far that’s included ideas like a possibly smaller size than the original, but we haven’t heard a lot of specifics. Over the weekend, a new report arrived that intends to answer a few questions about what to expect.

Bad news first: there’s nothing like a spec list here. Instead, a “source familiar with the situation” offers some frustratingly vague suggestions. For instance, the source claims that the OnePlus Two will outdo the One when it comes to customization options, giving users a nice array of materials to choose from. That’s hardly surprising considering the official word we got from OnePlus about its intent to make the failed StyleSwap initiative work better with its second-gen phone.

Secondly, the source reports that the OnePlus Two will also be positioned as an affordable phone, coming in with a price below $500. While we suppose that’s nice to see mentioned like this, was that ever up for debate? An affordable price tag is, after all, one of the big bullet points that makes the OnePlus One the phone it is.

Finally, we’re told to expect some sort of surprises from the handset’s hardware. OK, so this is interesting, but still sorely lacking in detail. An interesting camera? Interesting screen tech? We haven’t the foggiest, and for the moment, no one’s stepping up to fill us in.

Even with this less-than-satisfactory leak, our interest in the OnePlus Two is still piqued, and as we move closer to 2015, we’re confident that rumors will find themselves armed with new specificity.

Source: Business Insider
Via: phoneArena

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