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OnePlus sued in the EU and US over Dash Charge

By Anton D. Nagy September 24, 2018, 1:00 am
OnePlus sued

OnePlus is preparing to launch its fall flagship, the OnePlus 6T, on October 17. It should bring an in-display fingerprint scanner, and it should take away the 3.5mm headphone jack. But in the interim, the company got sued both in the EU and the US over Dash Charge. Not the charging protocol per se, but the name the company is using, specifically the word “dash”.

Back in July we’ve already heard about the company’s plans to rename Dash Charging because of some copyright issues. According to some trademark filings, Dash Charge would become Warp Charge, but that didn’t stop audio company Bragi to sue OnePlus over “dash”.


Bragi doesn’t like the use of the word “dash” by OnePlus to describe its Dash Charge because it conflicts with many of Bragi’s Dash products. The audio maker has an entire Dash line-up, which includes the Dash Pro headset. OnePlus has reportedly stopped referring to its fast charging technology as Dash Charge for some time. However, with a trademark denied for Dash Charge, and a trademark filing not yet approved for Warp Charge, OnePlus isn’t in an easy situation. In the interim, Bragi is suing the company which could put a dent in OnePlus’ future plans.

Details are scarce at the moment regarding Bragi’s demands. With lawsuits in two major OnePlus markets, we’ll make sure to keep an eye out and let you know how all of this develops.


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