OnePlus rejects Black Friday ‘mind games’, 5T price remains ‘basically the same’

Despite the occasional privacy misstep, questionable benchmark manipulation tactics, some odd hardware design choices and various other scandals, OnePlus has always had one important thing going for its “flagship-killing” smartphones.

The newly released 5T is unsurprisingly the Chinese company’s most expensive device yet, starting at $499 stateside, but compared to other “all-screen” 2:1 handsets around, that still falls into the bargain category.

Considering the no doubt thin profit margins when you think about both manufacturing and marketing costs, the odds of seeing the OnePlus 5T discounted for Black Friday were slim at best. Especially with launch day sales records crushed, and waiting times for new orders already reaching 12 days in the US.

But that doesn’t mean OnePlus can’t score some free publicity and attract media attention today by doing what it does best lately. After swimming against the no-jack and wireless charging adoption currents, the OEM is officially opposing those industry-wide Black Friday “price games.”

“Whether it’s Black Friday or Taco Tuesday”, the company claims users get “fair pricing” on “good products” that “keep things simple”, make enough money to “feed the team” behind their development while also providing the best possible user experience.

That’s quite a bold and strong message OnePlus is trying to send here, and whether you agree with it or not, at least it nips any potential buyer’s remorse in the bud. Still, you can purchase the 5T at a discount right now… of $0.01 in the US, £0.01 in the UK, €0.01 in EU territories and similar figures elsewhere, as well as get 50 percent off a Dash Power Bundle for 24 hours only.

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