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OnePlus patents a tri-folding foldable phone concept

By Roland Udvarlaki November 22, 2021, 10:02 am
OnePlus tri-foldable folding phone patent Source: LetsGoDigital & Technizo Concept

OnePlus has made a few concepts in the past, and the most notable one is perhaps the disappearing rear camera concept phone. A new patent has surfaced online, that shows off a unique tri-folding mechanism that lets the phone stand in multiple angles.

Today’s patent news and renders come from LetsGoDigital, who shared their findings earlier today (via SamMobile). The patent shows off a hinge mechanism that allows multiple displays to fold and unfold, extending the display surface area The patent doesn’t reveal any dimensions of the device, but it’s clear that all three displays appear identical, and the hinge on the right appears to be larger than the one on the left. All of this would likely work with a sliding key (to trigger), and be kept tightly together, while folded, with magnets.

The concept renders were made by Technizo Concept, who created a few visually stunning images of how the product could look in real-life. The concept itself isn’t new, and we’ve seen Oppo, TCL, and even Samsung experienced with such designs, although it is yet to make it to the market as no one has officially released one to the public.

Samsung and even LG have shown off their tri-folding devices in the past, but they were mostly concepts in the past at trade shows such as CES.

It’s currently unclear when any of the companies will reveal and publicly release such a device, but it’s certainly interesting to see OnePlus experiment and patent such ideas. The new Oppo integration may help the company try out things it hasn’t done before.

What are your thoughts about the tri-folding foldable phone concept? Would you be interested in a folding phone from OnePlus? Let us know in the comments below!

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