Being able to talk to your phone, issuing voice commands while it’s sitting around in its low power sleep mode, is a feature that really came to prominence last year with the launch of the Motorola Moto X. But while the Moto X gave it wings, the DSP hardware that can be used of to pull off such a trick is present on plenty of other handsets – just yesterday, we looked at an unofficial effort to bring the ability to the Nexus 5. There, it’s the Snapdragon 800 offering that low power DSP – a chip we just heard confirmed for the upcoming OnePlus One CyanogenMod phone. OnePlus has been slowly revealing details about the One’s hardware, and today announces that the One will offer some Moto-X-style voice support of its own.

The forum admin sharing this new over on the OnePlus website confirms that it’s using the in-built capabilities of the Snapdragon chip to make this work, thanks to new software support in the customized version of CyanogenMod the One will run. There’s also a poll going to let fans help vote for the specific phrase that will trigger the One, letting you wake the phone with your voice. While some of the features mentioned are only described as being accessible without the need to unlock the phone (so, perhaps, powered-on, but still on the lock screen), this clear talk about a “wake up” command suggests we’re looking at a true always-listening mode.

This all sounds pretty good, but maybe more than anything we’re anxious to learn if this means that the same kind of support will someday make it into the publicly available release of CyanogenMod; we haven’t heard anything about that just yet, but it would be an absolute coup for the project if this mode cough be brought to every Snapdragon 800 phone the ROM supports.

Source: OnePlus
Via: Android Police

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