Last month, OnePlus finally started moving away from the invite-only ordering strategy it had devised for its One Android smartphone, opening pre-orders to the public at large. There were still some huge constraints limiting your ability to buy the phone on a whim, chief among them the extremely limited pre-order window, but it was progress all the same. But will that change be enough to jump-start sales? OnePlus Co-Founder and Director Carl Pei sure thinks so, and has an ambitious target in mind for the end of 2014.

Speaking with Forbes, Pei reveals that so far the OnePlus One has sold somewhat over 500,000 units. Now, with just eight weeks left in 2014, Pei wants to see that number positively explode, and hit one million before the year’s out.

He acknowledges that achieving such a feat will be difficult, but he still insists that such a goal is very much within the realm of possibilities.

Does he have a point there? If the One were continuously available for pre-order, we might be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but OnePlus has already announced that the next pre-order window won’t open until November 17 – putting us another two weeks closer to that year-end deadline. And unless the company changes things up, that’s going to be another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it event, giving shoppers precious few opportunities to actually get orders in. Maybe a million phones isn’t impossible-impossible, but it sure doesn’t feel like OnePlus is setting itself up for success here.

Source: Forbes
Via: phoneArena

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