As invites start rolling out to early supporters of OnePlus, the company has revised the release date estimate for their flagship One smartphone due to an upcoming software update related to recently-discovered OpenSSL vulnerabilities.

Invited people are receiving an email from OnePlus letting them know about the delay without going into much detail, but over on Reddit, a Cyanogen Inc. employee decided to clear things up a bit better.

OpenSSL vulnerabilities discovered last week have been pegged as the reasoning behind this delay, and Cyanogen wants the factory release of the OnePlus One to contain a fix for these. The whole firmware needs to go through a quality assurance process and recertification before OnePlus and Cyanogen can take it official, so the wait may be long.

It’s sad that people waiting to purchase the OnePlus One have to continue to wait, but at least this time it’s not OnePlus’s fault — a combination of bad luck and security issues have led to this one.

We’ll be following this story, and will let you know when the OnePlus One release date is finally set in stone.

Source: Reddit
Via: MobileSyrup

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