OnePlus One purchase invites being extended to members of the company’s forums

As we continue to wait for the first batch of OnePlus One invites to roll out to possible consumers, we’re learning more about how OnePlus will hand these invites out. Besides the winners of OnePlus’s “Smash the Past” contest and reviewers, no consumers have yet received OnePlus One devices.

OnePlus has announced two upcoming contests to get in on the invite-grabbing fun, and will also send some invites to their loyal forums users. While the company hasn’t offered any other information regarding the contests, they have shed some light on how they will be choosing forums members to get invites.

There are three main factors to getting chosen out of the OnePlus forums — forum age, participation, and recent activity. Forum age measures how long you have been a member of the OnePlus forums (the older your account, the better), participation is to show how active you have been, and recent activity is gauged to make sure you have not suddenly stopped caring.

Invited people will have 24 hours to purchase a 64GB Sandstone Black One, and, if they do not do so, their invite will be automatically passed down to the next person on the list.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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