Back at the start of the month, OnePlus teased what was supposed to be a major announcement – one that would “shake up” the industry. Well, we didn’t get the launch of any new hardware or anything so interesting, and found ourselves left with the consolation prize of a $50 discount on the OnePlus One. On its own, that wasn’t huge news – sales comes and sales go, and especially for a one-year-old phone, a price cut now and then is to be expected. Today, however, OnePlus tweaks that deal in a very important way that suddenly has us a bit more interested, making the price cur permanent.

Going forward, that means that the 16GB silk white OnePlus One will sell for just about $250, while the 64GB sandstone black model will go for closer to $300.

Sure, we’re looking forward to the OnePlus 2 in just a few more months, and new handsets from competitors are coming out every day. But the original OnePlus One hardware still manages to stand out as one of the better smartphone values for your dollar, and this permanent price adjustment only stands to make that value even more pronounced.

Sweetening the deal further, OnePlus is announcing a partnership with Dropbox that will allow it to bundle access to the company’s services in a special OnePlus One deal. Specifically, for about $350 you can score a 64GB OnePlus One along with a year of Dropbox Pro – itself normally a nearly $100 value, here for half price.

Source: OnePlus

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