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OnePlus extends One pre-order window (but you still need to act fast)

By Stephen Schenck October 27, 2014, 12:31 pm

The day has finally arrived for no-invite-required pre-orders for the OnePlus One! We covered all the details with you in a post last week, explaining how even though pre-orders were opening to the general public, they’d only be live for a very short period of time, before closing for a few weeks and subsequently re-opening at some point in the future. The plan was to have them open for a period of one hour, beginning at 11am Eastern this morning. But wait, wasn’t that an hour and a half ago? Why are we telling you now, after the fact? Ah, but OnePlus has had a last-minute change of heart, and instead of one hour of pre-orders this morning, it’s keeping them open for a solid three, giving you a little longer to jump on this offer.

You’ve got between now and 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific, 18:00 GMT) to get your pre-order in for the OnePlus One. That puts your name on a waitlist, and as soon as a handset is ready for you, the company will ship it out. If you change your mind between placing your pre-order and that ship date, you’re free to cancel. Changes to your pre-order work the other way, too, and if you stumble across an invite code between now and when your pre-order would ship anyway, you can move your name to the front of the line and get one of the next handsets to become available.

Anyone planning to place a pre-order for the One? Have you already gotten yours in?

Source: OnePlus (Twitter) (pre-order)
Via: MobileSyrup


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