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OnePlus explains upcoming no-invite-required pre-order process

By Stephen Schenck September 18, 2014, 12:38 pm

Yesterday brought some disappointing news for OnePlus fans, as the company announced that it would be ending its plans to deliver interchangeable StyleSwap covers for the One. But even facing that upset, we had cause to be a little optimistic, remembering what we heard late last month about the coming availability of pre-orders for the One that wouldn’t require users to track-down invite codes. Today the company shares new details on how all that will work, and this being OnePlus, it’s unsurprisingly a little weird.

First up, the company formally confirms its intent to open pre-orders without the need for invites, with its goal to get things started in late October.

OnePlus Logo

But as for the pre-orders themselves, they’re not just going to be open from then on out. Instead, OnePlus will selectively open pre-orders for a set period of time – it doesn’t say if that will be a matter of hours, or days. Anyone who wants to can place a pre-order during that period, and get their name on the waiting list. OnePlus isn’t placing restrictions on how many orders it will accept during one of these sessions, so your wait time will be determined both by the level of interest and how early you get your order in.

If you change your mind (maybe deciding that the wait is just too long), you can cancel that pre-order and remove your name from the waitlist.

And while pre-orders won’t require invites, OnePlus isn’t doing away with invites, either. In fact, you can convert one of these pre-orders into an outright order by applying an invite code (if you happen to find one) to it afterward.

It’s not an ideal system, we’ll say that, but we’ll take what we can get. And certainly, it’s preferable to the invite-only arrangement.

Source: OnePlus
Via: Android Central


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