Marshmallow update for OnePlus One reaches ‘final testing stage’, but still no solid ETA

Like so many other Android device manufacturers, some a lot more popular and experienced with these sort of things, OnePlus missed its own self-imposed Marshmallow upgrade deadline. But maybe not by much.

Both the OnePlus One and 2 were initially due for major software renovations between January and March, which obviously didn’t happen. Granted, the newer flagship lets its users try out a fairly smooth and stable OxygenOS 3.0 public beta, but that’s not the same as a fully polished, commercial 6.0-based port.

Meanwhile, despite little to no recent movement on the OnePlus One UI makeover front, the company’s co-founder and head of global operations claims Marshmallow is in fact “in the final testing stage” already.

Unfortunately, Carl Pei “can’t give ETA as it depends on other parties”, which judging from the phone’s lack of official carrier support, we’re guessing refers to Cyanogen. Unlike its follow-up and the X derivation, the One runs CyanogenMod out the box, alternately allowing its owners to go for the OxygenOS Android fork.

Of course, unofficial, unstable CM 13 goodie packs have been available for the 2014-released mid-ranger for a while now, and honestly, all this waiting annoys and puzzles us. Then again, we don’t want to imagine how furious OnePlus 2 users will get if they’re snubbed any longer. Time to flip the switch on both handhelds, Mr. Pei, and put the finishing touches to X’s own Android 6.0 revamping, whether a OnePlus 3 is close-by or not.

Source: Twitter

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