Last month we started getting answers about Cyanogen Inc.’s plans to work with an OEM to produce an all-new CyanogenMod smartphone, with news of the formation of OnePlus from former Oppo staff and its plans for its One handset. From what OnePlus shared about the hardware (and those details were very sparse) it sounded like we were looking at a pretty darn high-end phone. We’ve talked a little about our dreams for the OnePlus One, but would flagship-level specs translate into a flagship-caliber price? Thankfully, that won’t necessarily be the case, with OnePlus CEO Pete Chou sharing on Google+ yesterday that the OnePlus One “will definitely be available for under $400.”

Sure, that’s not down to a Moto G (or even quite Moto X) level, but it’s still fantastic. Consider that the CyanogenMod-running Oppo N1 starts at around $600, and you can appreciate why we’re so pleased to get this news.

Of course, we should probably try and contain our excitement a little until more details on the hardware are revealed (lest we discover there’s a very disappointing reason why the handset’s so affordable), but so far OnePlus hasn’t give us any reason to doubt that the One will be top-shelf, so we’re optimistic.

Source: Pete Lau (Google+)
Via: phoneArena

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