If the new HTC One has redefined just how many leaks we can see of a new smartphone before it goes official, OnePlus has been working to make its own One the equivalent for company-sanctioned teasers, letting a few new details slip every now and then, going back the past several weeks. All this has been leading up to a formal launch, but when would that occur? We’ve heard the company talk about availability sometime in the second quarter of the year, and now it starts getting a little more specific, announcing plans to unveil the One on April 23.

That’s just over four weeks from today. On that Wednesday, we expect to learn the specifics about how the start of sales will begin, and also get a more formal price for the phone – right now, we’re just working with this idea of a sub-$400 tag. We should also get our answers about materials; we’ve heard before about a possible aluminum construction, but confirmation of swappable backplates complicates that rumor – and we’ve yet to see an image of a completed handset.

The combination of relatively high-end hardware, the eminently tweakable software offered by a custom CyanogenMod build, and a very budget-friendly price sure have the potential to make for an Android smartphone that could win over even die-hard Nexus fans. Will OnePlus be able to take full advantage of that opportunity? Distribution may make or break the One’s chances, so we’re very much looking forward to this April 23 event so that we can learn just what OnePlus is planning for its approach to sales.

Source: OnePlus
Via: GSM Arena

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