OnePlus One gets banned from sales in India

Over the past few years, India has risen to become a hotbed for smartphone growth, offering OEMs lots of potential for low-priced phones to compete in a growing market. It and OnePlus seem like the perfect match – OnePlus has the pretty nice phone at a fair price, and India has the growth potential and customers the former needs. In the midst of the two joining, however, there have been many hurdles.

According to OnePlus, just two weeks before the One was set to launch in India, the company was notified that Indian manufacturer Micromax had attained exclusive rights to the CyanogenMod OS in India. Naturally, the company furiously set to work devising a solution, and finally decided that it would ship the One with CyanogenMod but without the ability to receive updates, also working on a custom OS for the phone for launch next year.

It seems Micromax wasn’t too happy about this compromise, though, and took to court in India’s capital seeking a total sales ban on the infringing smartphone. Unfortunately for many, the Indian company was successful in its endeavor, and there’s now a OnePlus One India sales ban in place. Beyond the current situation, OnePlus isn’t allowed to ship any phones at all into India for the time being. It’s unclear if there will be some sort of change once OnePlus’s custom OS hits the table.

We’re sure OnePlus has lawyers working to strike back against this ruling as soon as possible, so we’ll continue to cover this saga to see how it unfolds right here at Pocketnow.

Source: The Next Web, Live Mint
Via: Android Police

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