Cyanogen blindsides OnePlus with side deal: no CM support for One in India

You ever get the feeling that OnePlus can’t catch a break? Despite the strong reception its One handset has found, a storm cloud of issues has followed the phone since its release, with complicated invites or pre-order-based sales leading the charge. This past week, though, things had been looking up. We just told you about this great Black Friday sales opportunity, and a few days back got word that OnePlus had recruited Amazon to help out with sales in India. Unfortunately, that latter development has hit a major roadblock, as today OnePlus shares some bad news about CyanogenMod, India, and the OnePlus One’s future.

Seemingly unbeknownst to OnePlus, Cyanogen signed a deal with Micromax to give it the exclusive right to phones running CyanogenMod for the Indian market. This deal was just announced on this past Wednesday, and OnePlus intends to release the One in India the following Wednesday, on December 3.

While the explanation OnePlus offers for what’s going to happen now is a little confusing, follow-ups from staff in the post’s comments have helped clarify the situation: it looks like the One will still ship with CyanogenMod installed, but that OTA updates won’t be available for users in India.

Instead, OnePlus has committed to developing a new software release for the phone that will be based on Lollipop, designed to replace CyanogenMod. Its target is to make that available as soon as next month, and get it onto new phones by February. Existing users will get help from OnePlus in flashing the new build, and the company will set up stations throughout India where they can bring in their phones to have the installation performed. And of course, files will be available to do the flashing yourself, if you’re up to it.

OnePlus sounds quite betrayed by Cyanogen’s deal, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this marks the beginning of the end for its relationship with the company.

Source: OnePlus
Via: Android Police

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