OnePlus One now delivered in 60 minutes or free, but only in a major Indian city

Although the company has admitted to bungling the OnePlus 2 launch, and promises were made for a looming hour of totally open sales, the latest publicity-grabbing stunts have looked a little all over the place.

OnePlus almost seems more focused on the unreleased mid-range X, aka Mini, and co-founder Carl Pei wants to add Samsung as an employer to an already impressive résumé. Meanwhile, the venerable OnePlus One is kept in the spotlight past its prime, thanks to a pizza-inspired rapid delivery program that sounds too good to be true.

But Indian partner Blowhorn swears there are no catches or strings attached, and if you live in Bangalore, you can indeed receive the one year-old 5.5-inch Android within 60 minutes of your online order.

Granted, the fact the one-hour shipping guarantee is restricted to an Indian town for three days (October 8, 9 and 10) makes the whole thing far less remarkable. Yet Bangalore, or Bengaluru, currently accommodates a population of close to 8.5 million people, tied to New York. So, yeah, the prospective customer base is quite large.

The #60orFree system requires no jumping through hoops, as you simply download the Blowhorn app from Google Play, sign up, select the “goodie of the day”, provide an address, get a confirmation, and either have to pay the equivalent of $337 (Rs. 21,998) if the delivery is on time, or score an early Christmas gift. Talk about a win-win situation!

In case the pilot project succeeds, the intention is obviously to spread it to other cities in one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, and perhaps outside India too.

Source: Blowhorn
Via: DNA India

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