It may be the one-year anniversary of the launch of the OnePlus One, triggering a symbolic sale over at the manufacturer’s site, but that’s not the only news happening in the smartphone’s world today. Earlier this week we learned that OTA distribution of the CM12S update for the One had been put on ice, ostensibly to introduce a new feature. Today OnePlus and Cyanogen get that update moving back out again, and in doing so offers a slightly different explanation for the initial halt.

To hear Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik tell it, the main reasons for stopping distribution earlier this week were all bug-related. The big one prevented users who were employing storage encryption from updating to CM12S OTA – they could still manually sideload the release, but the encryption got in the way of an OTA install.

By now, that’s been fixed, and the OTA update is headed back out. In addition to that issue, there were also some glitches with theming, call support, and MMS that the team wanted to tackle before exposing even more users to the bugs.

Oh yeah, and the promised “OK OnePlus” voice control? That’s here too – just activate “voice wakeup” in phone settings (above) after upgrading to the latest release.

Source: Steve Kondik (OnePlus forums)
Via: Android Central

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