Last week saw OnePlus introduce its One smartphone running a custom CyanogenMod build. Going into this, we knew that sales of the phone would be quite unusual, with OnePlus employing an invitation-based system to give shoppers access to ordering opportunities. At the launch event, OnePlus mentioned nations that would see the One arrive first, as well as the various configuration options that would be available, but just when would we get a chance to buy this guy? This week, OnePlus talks a little about its production efforts, and fills us in on its schedule.

Here’s the breakdown: right now, OnePlus has enough completed One handsets for those 100 users chosen to participate in its smash-you-phone promotion, but not enough to get underway with broader orders. In mid-to-late May, the first invite-based orders will open, but the only model available at the time will be the 16GB silk white configuration.

OnePlus says that it knows many of you are more interested in the 64GB model, and as a result it’s upped its production order for that version. The first of those models – not just 64GB but also with the sandstone black finish – will be sold in early June. Finally, OnePlus says that availability in general should greatly expand later that month. While invites will still be in play, OnePlus informs shoppers that “people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble” by then.

In case you’ve forgotten, the 16GB One will sell for just about $300, while the 64GB model will fetch more like $350.

Source: OnePlus
Via: BGR

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