The OnePlus One: a compelling phone, with attractive hardware, at a hard-to-beat price. Sounds good, right? For many, the biggest problem has been getting your hands on the device, with sales first invite-only, to be later supplanted by a limited pre-order system. Wouldn’t it be nice if OnePlus could simply make the phone available at a major retailer? Maybe someone like Amazon? As it turns out, that’s just about to happen, thought it’s news that’s peppered with so many qualifying asterisks that it falls quite a bit short of being the answer we hoped for.

For starters, we’re talking only about India: Amazon’s signed on to be OnePlus’s exclusive retail partner in the nation. OK, but even still that’s good news, right? All those Indian Android fans able to easily buy the One? Not so fast: based on what OnePlus has posted in its forums, these Indian sales through Amazon will still be under the constraints of the invite system – and shoppers will need India-specific invite codes to purchase the phone, even through Amazon.

That’s a lot less than optimal, but even though this development leaves us wishing for what could have been, it’s probably still an important step along the road towards OnePlus improving how it gets its phones into customers’ hands; even with the invites still in place, OnePlus now has a very strong retail partner, and we’re curious to see what this relationship might spell for OnePlus One sales in other markets, to say nothing of the company’s intentions for sales of the rumored OnePlus Two.

Sales of the OnePlus One through Amazon begin in India next month.

Source: Amazon India, OnePlus
Via: Android Police

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