CES is a time of the year for us smartphone-obsessive types where we find ourselves coping with an utter deluge of new announcements, previews, products, and demos. We’re keeping you up to date with all the really big news, but the sheer amount of info coming our way means that some of it inevitably gets shuffled around a bit. This afternoon, we’re looking back to an announcement that came down the wire overnight, with word arriving of the hardware partner Cyanogen Inc. is going with for its first from-the-ground-up CyanogenMod smartphone.

While we’ve been expecting to get word of this phone for a while now, the big question was who would make it. Cyanogen Inc. teased that former Oppo exec Pete Lau would be involved, leading to speculation that a new company was being set up, and this CyanogenMod phone would be the handset that really got it off the ground. Now that’s confirmed, with Lau’s company OnePlus announcing the CM-running OnePlus One.

The One will launch sometime in the next few months, hitting the market before the year’s halfway point. Expectations are understandably high, and the eyes of Android fans (especially us custom ROM junkies) everywhere will be waiting to see if OnePlus has what it takes to pull this off.

Source: OnePlus
Via: Android Police

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