Concept renders anticipate dual rear camera-toting OnePlus Mini/X

It definitely feels odd to even hear whispers about a looming OnePlus smartphone mere weeks after company executives admitted they “messed up” yet another product launch, failing to deliver the $329 and up OnePlus 2 in swift fashion to early adopters.

Patchy availability remains a major issue for the otherwise impressive 5.5-inch Android, with or without invitations, and it may take the Chinese startup weeks, perhaps months to line up inventory and demand.

So, then, why plan a OnePlus Mini or OnePlus X launch already? Well, the inexperienced device manufacturer did promise several times 2015 would see it go after two sets of mobile consumers, with a “2016 flagship killer” and, presumably, a lower-cost, slightly lower-end, smaller handheld.

OnePlus Mini

Branding isn’t etched in stone yet, as it clearly depends on the future product’s exact size and specifications, while the revised design might have been revealed by a duo of computer-generated images.

The renders could be based on actual, factual inside information, but they have that unmistakable fan concept vibe to them, retaining everything we loved about the OnePlus 2 exterior (mostly, the front panel), and transforming the rear, with a circular fingerprint scanner on there, dual cameras, dual LED flash endowments, and snazzy-looking bottom speakers.

Granted, OnePlus has this tremendous skill of settling for minuscule profit margins, and thus offering phenomenal bang for your buck. But it’s hard to believe the above rendered premium design can indeed be pulled off at $250, as sources suggest, with October slated as an ETA.

Sources: Mobile-dad, GizmoChina
Via: Phone Arena

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