OnePlus made an announcement in India earlier today, and while we wondering if that might bring us news of the OnePlus Mini, that’s not what we ultimately got: instead, the company revealed details of its plan to start producing hardware in the nation, creating some 1,000 full-time jobs. And while that’s very interesting to hear, what about the Mini? We’re still waiting for the smartphone to go official, and today we get to check out some new rumors about the phone’s hardware, as well as have another opportunity to see it in the flesh thanks to the efforts of a regulatory agency.

Remember last week how we shared with you those pics of a new OnePlus handset as it swung by the FCC? Now it’s China’s turn to contribute a few of its own, as the nation’s TENAA agency publishes its own pics of the hardware. They’re even accompanied by some brief specs, confirming the 2450mAh battery we’ve seen mentioned before, and offering some external dimensions: 140 x 69 x 6.9mm.

The more complicated bit is this report on possible specs. Initially, G for Games shared what it had heard from a source about a run-in with a OnePlus Mini prototype, describing a handset with a five-inch 1080p panel, ClearForce-capable touch controller, front-facing stereo speakers, a 13MP Sony IMX258 camera without OIS, FM radio tuner, and IR transceiver. It also mentioned possible StyleSwap support for alternate covers – maybe even with a “design your own” feature. And as for the question of SoC, the source doubled down on the idea of the phone getting a MediaTek Helio X10, rather than something like an older Snapdragon model (the 801).

But then that source appeared to back away from all those claims, suggesting that the two-month-old prototype they describe isn’t the OnePlus Mini the company actually plans to deliver.

Where does that leave us? Well, it pretty uncertain territory to be sure. There’s the chance we’re actually looking at multiple phones here – which might explain the dual OnePlus X and OnePlus Mini names that have been floating around. At least one of them is definitely happening – the handset we’ve seen at the FCC and now TENAA – but which one? We’re not quite to the bottom of that question.

Source: G for Games 1,2, TENAA, NDTV

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