OnePlus hints at affordable sub-flagship phone again, still coming this year

For those who feared recent OnePlus 2 availability hiccups would maybe push the debut of the oft-rumored OnePlus Mini to next year, the Chinese startup just sent a clear, encouraging message via its Indian branch.

Although the new model’s name and size are far from confirmed, the company’s regional general manager ensured OnePlus fans in India they’ll be charged as little as Rs 12,000, and no more than Rs 20,000 once the “lifestyle and fashion product” goes up for grabs.

That converts to around $180 and $300 respectively, which of course is too wide of a range to anticipate a precise set of specifications. Last week, a presumed pre-release prototype of the OnePlus Mini or OnePlus X going by the model number A2301 surfaced online, alongside a very robust list of features… for an Android mid-ranger.

If the creators of the already impressive One and 2 manage to pull off, say, a $250 price tag while offering octa-core Helio X10 processing power, 2GB RAM, Full HD screen resolution, and 13MP photography prowess, this year and next year’s sales numbers should obliterate the 1 million feat of 2014.

For that to happen, the OEM needs to kick production and distribution in high gear, and shorten the excruciatingly long waiting times. Apparently, India will be getting its own e-commerce portal soon, where invitations might not be required to order the upcoming style-centric cousin of the OnePlus 2.

The South Asian country is among the manufacturer’s top three territories as far as mainstream popularity goes, despite little to no specific marketing investments. Mid-November is currently eyed as the OnePlus “Mini’s” ETA, though it’s not impossible the budget-friendly phone will see daylight the following month. But it’ll definitely come out in 2015, at least on Indian shores.

Source: Economic Times
Via: Phone Arena

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