OnePlus starts selling … an iPhone case?

OnePlus is, first and foremost, a smartphone company, interested in shoppers like you purchasing its phones. But that hasn’t stopped the company from occasionally reaching out to other users, as well, like when we saw the manufacturer selling Google Cardboard headsets (for use with basically any Android around), or USB type-C cables (which would have been a great idea had it not been for those compatibility issues). But those were at least still very close to the company’s main phone-selling mission; they may have been compatible with additional phones, sure, but they also worked with OnePlus’s own hardware. With its latest effort, we can’t even say that much, and boy is it a weird one: OnePlus has just released a case for the iPhone 6S.

What the hell is OnePlus doing making iPhone cases? Well, that’s a fantastic question, and while OnePlus talks a bit about wanting to be the sort of good-guy smartphone firm that’s willing to help its friends out (even with no direct payoff), in many ways this isn’t just a case – it’s also a marketing ploy.

You see, for twenty dollars OnePlus won’t just send you a sandstone case ready to fit an iPhone 6 or 6S, but also a physical OnePlus invite card. That’s right: buy this new iPhone case, and you immediately secure your place to order a OnePlus X smartphone.

That invite card might even be a special one, and mixed in with the regular OnePlus X invites, the company is sending out cards redeemable for the premium ceramic edition of the phone, and even a few extra-special cards that entitle the holder to a full-on-free OnePlus X phone – not too shabby.

So is this just a dressed-up way for OnePlus to sell invites? Well, we could see it that way, or maybe it’s a cunning plan to try and get Apple users to take a look at a new platform. Whatever the manufacturer’s motivations, this odd promotion has certainly grabbed our attention.

oneplus-iphone-case oneplus-x-case-invite

Source: OnePlus

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