For a company that started selling smartphones in such an unusual manner, OnePlus has taken some major strides towards normalcy lately, moving past invites for its current crop of handsets and even scoring some major promo deals. While’s we’re not positive exactly where things will go from here, talk of a new focus on US sales and bringing shoppers a “better buying process” has left us all sorts of hopeful. But just what sort of changes is OnePlus planning? We may be getting the first taste of its new attitude towards sales today, as the company that it’s bringing the option for installment plans to its smartphone sales.

If you’re a customer in the US and you place a new OnePlus order for about $100 or more, you’ll now have the option to split payments up into installments. Right now, that means the option for taking home a OnePlus 2 for just $22.60 a month spread out over the next 18 months, or a OnePlus X for only $16.12. That’s just one possibility, though, and users can choose from 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month plans. Considering how affordable these phones are to begin with, we guess OnePlus didn’t see the point in a 24-month option.

It’s worth noting that OnePlus is offering these installment plans through PayPal Credit, and you’d very much be paying interest on the loan: for instance, a $250 OnePlus X will cost you more like $290 in the end if you spread payments out over 18 months. Even the 6-month option will see you paying an extra $14 in interest for the privilege. Maybe that’s very much worth it to you, but keep in mind that there’s a cost here.

So far, there’s no word on bringing a similar payment plan to OnePlus shoppers in any other countries.

Source: OnePlus

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