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OnePlus details how it plans to improve its Android experience with OxygenOS 13

By Sanuj Bhatia March 10, 2022, 3:48 am
oxygen os 13 oneplus pocketnow Source: Pocketnow video

A few weeks ago, OnePlus announced that it will be hosting a closed Open Ears Forum (OEF) with select OnePlus and OxygenOS users to discuss its plans for OxygenOS 13. Well, the company has now posted some details of the OEF and revealed how it plans to work on some parts of OxygenOS 13.

In the post, OnePlus explains that the development of OxygenOS 13 is well underway. The company shared that it will work with OnePlus users hand-in-hand to develop OxygenOS 13. OnePlus also shared some of the features that it will bring to the operating system. However, no details of the OxygenOS 13 features were published as they are currently under NDA (non-disclosure agreement).


However, the company hasn't left us in total darkness as it has posted follow-up actions for OxygenOS 13 based on the customer feedback which gives us an idea of how the company plans to develop the new operating system:

  • Improve UI personalization and consistency
  • Improve system consistency and optimize some functions path
  • Add more features in AOD (like Music Player)
  • Optimize Zen Mode to provide users with a more immersive and efficient experience
  • Maintain positive communication with you guys (like optimizing CBT projects, more OEF, and so on)

In addition to revealing details about OxygenOS 13, OnePlus also admitted that the OxygenOS 12 release hasn't been all that well. The company says that it didn't meet its expectations and it will improve going forward with OxygenOS 13. "We plan to expedite all updates for both OxygenOS and ColorOS, meanwhile, improving software build quality," says OnePlus in the forum post.

When asked about the relation between OxygenOS and ColorOS, OnePlus answered:

Under the background of integration, Oxygen OS and Color OS are two products with their strengths. When facing strong competitors in the global market, combining the strengths of both is the only way to truly leverage the strengths of Oppo & OnePlus and provide better products to our customers. The OS teams are fully integrated into one and ready to collaborate and learn from each other’s experience, together we will build OS products hand in hand.

You can read more about OxygenOS 13 and OnePlus' latest OEF here.


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