OnePlus unveils Dash Energy Drink for April Fools’ Day, but why?

You probably should have known what to expect when OnePlus slated a mysterious Dash Charge-related announcement for today. After all, tomorrow is April Fools’, and this is a company that once built and sold an actual drone for a limited time as a practical joke.

Of course, last year’s “sandstone everything” stunt was slightly less elaborate and out there, while this year’s April 1 (or rather, March 31) prank just feels weird, pointless and unfunny. Basically, it’s the exact opposite of the hilarious, industry-mocking and self-disparaging T-Mobile ONEsie.

Oh, well, at least it involves putting things in your mouth that actually go there by design, namely a super-duper-limited Dash energy drink. Also, it’s nice OnePlus doesn’t plan on charging people for the sweet, fruity and light “neural performance enhancer” containing a Dash Energy Augmentation Component that may or may not be a real thing.

A small number of Dash Energy cans will apparently be given away for free on the streets of London, in a Bangalore Experience Store in India, and across Europe if you don’t have anything better to do than enter an online raffle.

Meanwhile, here we are waiting for a future-proof update to the Chinese OEM’s proprietary Dash Charge smartphone battery technology keeping Meizu’s Super mCharge standard at bay.

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