OnePlus 2014 stats reveal more pizza information than phone sales

OnePlus has gained an extreme amount of fame for its flagship-affordable smartphone, the OnePlus One, but that’s just about it. The company stumbled numerous times with ways to sell the device and be able to meet demand, up to the point where many of us simply decided to give up. There are some hot news about the new UI that the company plans to bring to its devices, but that’s not the only OnePlus news for the day.

The company has just published its annual report card, and even though it is revealing in certain things, it isn’t in some of the things we care about. On the positive side, we learn that it ships 39% of its units to Asia, 32% to Europe, 22% for North America, and 7% to India. The funniest metric is the one that follows where the company claims that it shipped 1055 tons of merchandise during 2014, which doesn’t say how many phones were sold. If we did simple math and divided the amount by the 162 g that the OnePlus One weighs, we could assume they only sold 5.91 million units during the year. In more positive notes we know the company made over $300M in revenue, very decent figures for a company that started with just 6 employees in 2013, and now has 88. Then the statistics get funnier as we learn that they ordered 134 pizzas during the year, a small number if you average it to barely 2 to 3 pizzas a week.

Hopefully the OnePlus two will do a better job at meeting initial demand under the same terms that the OnePlus One was sold last year. We should learn more in the weeks to come.


Source: OnePlus

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