OnePlus Concept One World Tour

OnePlus Concept One was announced at CES 2020. While only a few journalists got to see the phone in person, OnePlus has announced Concept World Tour so that more people can know about their concept device.

The OnePlus Concept One World Tour starts from February 5 in North America, Europe and India. It is set for February 8th, 2020 in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru at OnePlus Experience Store.

The tour also includes Concept One Product Briefing with the product team for a limited number of people. They can get to know more about the philosophy behind OnePlus Concept One. Moreover, it will enable users to look into the technology behind the product.

One can check out the venue details for India, US, France, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Finland and Denmark in the source link below.

Source – OnePlus Forums

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