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The Verizon variant of OnePlus 8 is the only one that offers mmWave 5G support and also has a different internal name – OnePlus 8 5G UW. (Yuck). But that added dash of 5G speed also ensures that a regular OnePlus 8 case won’t on a Verizon variant of the phone due to a slightly different positioning of the volume rocker.

The anomaly was first reported by a OnePlus 8 user on Reddit who purchased the device from Verizon and later discovered that a case purchased from a different outlet won’t fit on the phone. The volume rocker on the OnePlus 8’s Verizon variant is placed slightly lower compared to a regular OnePlus 8 purchased from another carrier or store.

An analysis of the US FCC documents by PhoneArena reveals that the mmWave supporting OnePlus 8 sold by Verizon has an extra modem fitted near the volume button, which is why the button had to be moved slightly lower. So, if you purchased your OnePlus 8 from Verizon, you’ll have to buy the compatible case from Big Red, which users report are either out of stock, expensive, or plain ugly.

Source: Reddit

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