OnePlus 8 Pro, Prakhar Khanna
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When we talk about smartphone displays with green tinting, we are usually talking about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, it seems that another device is starting to have the same problem. Several OnePlus 8 Pro users have begun to report this and other issues that are beginning to affect their devices.

The new OnePlus 8 Pro with 120Hz refresh rate display is apparently having the same issues as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Some of its users are claiming that the display on their phones has a green tint. This issue only happens when the screen is set at 120Hz, and the brightness is lowered. Some users say that this issue can be fixed by turning off the DC Dimming feature, but this brings up another problem. It seems that activating this feature makes the devices experience a “black crush,” which is more annoying than a green tint.

Samsung has already admitted the problem in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and they have already released a fix. Now OnePlus first has to acknowledge the problem, and then they may start working on a solution.

Source Android Central

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