Sprint OnePlus 7 Pro 5G
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Sprint made an announcement that it will be soon getting its fourth 5G phone to join its roster of next-gen devices, and it will be the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. It will go for $840, and it will be joining the other 5G devices in the line-up: the Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 ThinQ 5G, and HTC 5G Hub hot spot.

Interestingly, Sprint chose to go with the current 5G OnePlus device, instead of the upcoming OnePlus 7T Pro. However, the announcement marks the U.S. debut of the device, currently only available in the EU.

In terms of specs, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is identical to its non-5G sibling, in every aspect. Those looking for an excellent 5G device can get the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G from Sprint starting today, August 27, from select retail stores, as well as through Sprint’s website on August 28. It will also be available, starting September 6, in all cities where Sprint offers 5G coverage.

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